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About Sweeticity


1. the condition or quality of loving sweets.
“eating dessert first satisfies my sweeticity”
synonyms: sweetaholicism, sweettoothitis

2. being sweet, delicious and enticing.
“molten lava chocolate cake is so sweeticity”
synonyms: crave-worthy, mouthwatering, irresistible

3. sweet activities.
“baking cookies is the epitome of happy sweeticity”

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Finally, a sweet-centric magazine featuring mouth-watering recipes, how-to tips, products, and news in one sweet spot.

From must-try desserts and baking advice to cake art and creative cocktails, from essential baking tools to dreamy dessert tables, or the latest dessert trends and events – Sweeticity covers it. No more scouring through site after site to create that sugar-porn masterpiece or find the perfect gift for the baker you love. Sweeticity is your one-stop source for makeable, shareable, shoppable sweet inspiration.

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