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Submission Guidelines

Welcome to Sweeticity. We appreciate your interest in joining our community and are pleased to offer you the opportunity to submit your sweet-centric content. Please read the submission guidelines below before submitting.

1. Who can submit?

Anyone with a blog/website who has something sweet to share. All you need to do is join and create an account, it’s easy and completely free! *Please note: If you are a retailer, PR rep, or someone with something to sell, please contact us.

2. What can you submit?

You can submit any dessert/sweet treat-related content you publish on your blog or website as long as it’s represented by a beautiful image and links to more information about your sweet submissions, like a recipe or instructional blog post, or even a video — but not everything will get published. So please note that all submissions are individually moderated and Sweeticity reserves the right to remove/reject submissions.

If the image is not yours, please do NOT submit it. You must own the copyright to the photo you submit. If we find that the image you submitted is not yours to submit, we will remove the post immediately and place your account on suspension. If you notice another user has submitted your image without your permission, please notify us immediately.

In addition, please do NOT submit images that link back to overtly commercial or nonfood-related entries. They will be automatically deleted.

3. How do you submit?

  • Remember, you have to join first, after that login and go to the Submit page.
  • Enter your post URL (the blog post permalink (the destination URL for the post you’re submitting not your home page).
  • Enter the post title, make it brief, 40 characters maximum.
  • Enter a brief description.
  • Select the category and tags best suited to your entry to help other people discover your submissions. (See categories of submission below.)
  • Answer anti-spam question.
  • Select & upload an image for your submission that is 900px by 600px.
  • Submit it and wait while we take a look! If we publish your post, you will receive an email notification and it will appear in the “Posts” section of your profile when logged in.

4. What are the categories of submission?

  • Recipes.
  • Dessert 101 – for tips & tutorials.
  • Inspiration – for dessert tables & parties, and dessert pairings.

5. Reasons why we may not approve your submission:

  • The image is poor quality or has framing issues: harsh or dim lighting, cropping errors, fuzzy, composition problems, distracting overlay text, watermarks or logo in the image, etc.
  • It’s a duplicate submission.
  • The submission is SPAM/Sales.
  • The image is not yours.
  • The submission is posted in the wrong category.
  • The submission has no tags and/or inappropriate tags.
  • The link does not work and/or link is not to specific post.
  • The image is not in submitted post.

6. How to track your submissions:

You can track your published submissions via the “Posts” section on your profile page when you are logged in.

If you have any questions about our submission guidelines, feel free to contact us here. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and share our website with your friends. Thanks for being a part of the Sweeticity community!